Happy New Vest Dad

L’shannah tovah to those celebrating Rosh Hashannah.

We visited my parents where my mother’s cooking combined old and new traditions. There was her homemade matzo ball soup and pasta pudding (which is my nephew’s name for old fashion noodle kugel). In addition, we had cornish hens and cold poached salmon with a cucumber dill sauce.

Mom and I had time to comparing knitting notes. Mom was very proud of her checkerboard baby blanket which she’s making with a blue-grey machine washable wool that she bought in Great Barrington this summer. It’s for a friend’s next grandchild. (Sorry I don’t have any photos due to the holiday.) The great thing is that visiting with family and friends gives me knitting time which I used for my Lace-Front Sweater.

I brought my father a nicely wound ball of Silver Thaw Noro in a white, black, green combination that I bought at Webs this summer. This ball of wool is part of a birthday vest since my father claims to have more sweaters than he needs. (My boyfriend says the same thing but keeps using the ones I knit him.) While dad’s birthday isn’t until November, it was difficult to gauge his size. Therefore, I decided that it was easier to just ask for an existing sweater or to measure him directly. Further, he could give his input regarding style.


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