Columbus Day Weekend on Fire Island- Knitting at the Water’s Edge

With the warm fall weather, bordering on summery, we decided to sneak in a couple of last days of sun on the beach in Fire Island. Despite the warm weather, the town was closed tight except for the restaurant when we arrived in the late afternoon.

Here’s the beach house awaiting our arrival:

Fire Island Beach House on a Fall Day


Walk on Fire Island in October

Fortunately, the weather was warm so that we could sit by the deserted ocean’s edge and take in nature. Of course, I brought my knitting along. The beach was peaceful and deserted until mid-afternoon when the fog burned off so I  continued to make progress on my Lace-Front Sweater and Souvenir Socks.

Unlike in peak season, the town was quiet except for a few others who like us wanted another view of the ocean before its winter cold. It was good to be able to quietly knit and sit while the rhythmically water lapped the shore.

Fire Island Dunes in October 2007


Fire Island - Ocean Shore in October 2007


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