Knitty City’s Second Birthday – NYC Yarn Store

For their second anniversary, Knitty City had a store-wide sale and a large cake! For its loyal knitting fans, everything was 10% off! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Knitty City, it’s a great addition to the New York City yarn stores. It’s a small treasure nestled on 79th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway. Pearl, the owner, stocks a wide range of fibers in terms of content and price!

The place was packed and it looked like the entire family had pitched in to help. Despite this, there was a line that was practically out the door.

 I used the opportunity to stock up on some smaller size circular needles to help my new lace habit. My big purchase was Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby in hard cover–the photograhs are amazing. It’s been difficult to get since it’s out of print and there’s a paperback version on its way. I rationalized (as knitters are apt to do) that I needed it for additional direction on making my wedding shawl.

As a bonus, every buyer received a Knitty City tote!


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