UWS Knitters Birthday Celebration

The UWS Knitters Group celebrated its 6th birthday and list mom Judy brought cake. Despite the less than optimal lighting for knitting, we camp out at the Starbucks on 86th Street and Columbus Avenue on Wednesday afternoons after 6.00pm.  The anniversary celebration brings out knitters who are no longer regulars or lurkers on the list. Being New York City, there are a number of members who are knitting rock stars and designers.

UWS Knitters 6th Anniversary Celebration 

UWS Knitters Party On


What I love about this group is its diversity and its acceptance of fellow knitters (of course, one must be able to at least do the knit stitch). Our oldest member is 91! Within the group, there is a lot of collective knowledge about the art of knitting and members provide a great sounding board for which fibers to use and how to interpret various patterns.

Let them eat cake… and eat they did! (At least, I got a shot of the flowers!)

Let Them Eat Cake


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