Windsurfing Widow – Windswept Knitting

Since our Bonaire vacation is a birthday celebration for my finance who is an avid windsurfer, I spent most of the time on the shore with the Windsurfing Widows, a crowded area with lounge chairs and brightly painted wooden chairs that are hard on your butt. While the water is a beautiful blue-green and waist-deep for a long distance, Jibe City focuses on windsurfing so that the water is cluttered with surfers who go back and forth preventing any other water activities.

What I overlooked is that it can be windy on the shore. So I found myself seating on a bench with a balcony view where I could wrap up (since I didn’t think to bring sweats) and knit. My Woodstock Sweater is making progress while I sip pina coladas.

Due to the freedom to knit something unwedding-related, I am making quick progress despite needing to rip out an occassional few rows since I misread the pattern.


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