Maine Bound Knitters

For our annual summer pilgrimage to visit friends in York, Maine, we rented a car in Stamford (much cheaper for those of you New York City residents). My husband drove while I knitted and navigated. Since my friend Amanda and I were aiming to go shop at Tess Yarns in Portland, we were under time pressure to get to York by the early afternoon. I used the time to make progress on my Leaf Lace Kimono.

Fortunately, I had called Tess earlier in the week to let her know of our plans. (I love how friendly people are outside of large metropolitan centers!)  As a result, I knew that she was planning to be dying for an upcoming wool show. En route, I left her a message but received no response.

When we got to York, Amanda insisted that we go straight to Portland despite the fact that all we got was a recording at Tess Yarns. Thanks to Amanda’s driving we got to Portland and found the store in record time. While the store was closed, there was a note and a phone number to call. This time we got a human who let us know that she’d be over in about ten minutes.

I had experienced the intense color experience of Tess’ hand dyed beauty several times at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Unlike most yarn stores, the yarn is displayed by color (as versus by type of material or brand). When you enter the store, your eyes don’t know where to go.  It is a wonderful, peaceful place where you decision of what to buy is really tough to make.  

Portland Knitting Adventure with Amanda
Portland Knitting Adventure with Amanda
Inside Tess Yarns
Inside Tess Yarns
Tess's Color Arranged Yarns
Tess’s Color Arranged Yarns
Tess's Mom (aka Tess)
Tess’s Mom (aka Tess)

Since I wanted to make a sweater with what I thought would be the fall colors, I bought some rich royal purple sock yarn called Twinkle Toes. I bought three skeins with wonderful yardage (440 yards each)I had seen the color in the window at Bloomingdales a week earlier. Amanda bought some wonderful blue worsted weight to make a vest with.

Tess’ Yarns wasn’t the only aspect of our trip that provided color. I was amazed by the wonderful flowers that seemed to lift their faces to the sun during the short Maine summer.

Maine Potted Flowers in Bloom
Maine Potted Flowers in Bloom

 In addition to taking advantage of the Maine coast, Amanda and I knitted and I got to see Amanda’s amazing two shawls that she was working on. One was in fingering weight alpaca that I had given her. The stitch involves great patience and has wonderful dropped stitches. Amanda’s become a great fan of Folk Shawls and, based on her Wool Peddler shawl, I’m considering getting a copy of the book.

On Sunday, the weather prevented us from enjoying outdoor activities so the four of us decided to take a trip to Freeport, the home of LL Bean. While it doesn’t sell yarn, it’s an amazing shopping town. I loved the humor that existed in the form of giant sized (literally) products.

L.L. Bean Outlet Store in Freeport, ME
L.L. Bean Outlet Store in Freeport, ME

On our way out of York, we stopped from some local fare, lobster rolls. They’re amazing! It’s special treat to have them this fresh! 

Authentic Maine Lobster Roll Readyto Eat!
Authentic Maine Lobster Roll Readyto Eat!



One response to “Maine Bound Knitters

  1. you’re funny. You took a picture of the lobster roll, lol. I live in maine so it’s hilarious to see someone taking pictures of a food I eat all the time haha

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