Ribbon Lace Scarf – First Wedding Gift Done

Instead of buying members of our wedding gifts, I gave my sister who was my matron of honor, my mother and two other friends balls of fiber wrapped in small pink pouch. Each package contained a note stating what it would become when knitted. I thought that this gave the gifts a personal touch.


For my friend Allison who along with her husband was a great help with various details, I gave a ball of white silk from Sarah’s Yarns. Initially, I had intended to knit the top of my wedding dress with it. But given my loose stitches and the haze of the fiber, I decided against using it. The silk is a dream to have near your body and is great for dying.


Having seen Veronik Avery’s Ribbon Lace Scarf, I decided that I had to try the pattern. This is unusual for me since I tend to find scarves boring. This pattern is anything but boring. It makes a great travel project since it’s really only a few different iterations of lace that can easily be memorized.


It blocked out well and larger than I expected! My friend Allison was thrilled with it (and I hope will actually wear it.)


P.S. I apologize since I didn’t snap a shot of it before I gave it to her.


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