Labor Day Knitting in Montauk

Heading out to Montauk on Labor Day may becoming a tradition for us. To take advantage of the last days of summer, we make a one day pilgrimage to the end of Long Island where the beaches are relatively less crowded. Of course, it’s a three and a half hour train ride which allows me more uninterrupted knitting time but we view it as an adventure. I used the time to work on my Saffron Tunic in Beige Cotton.

From the train station, we take one of the mini-van taxis into the center of town and walk to the beach from there. Despite the motels that line the road along the beach, the beach tends to be fairly empty. (Mind you this is a Manhattanite’s perspective. Beaches that are closer to New York City are so densely carpeted with blankets that it can be difficult to see sand until you’re at the water’s edge.)

Sea gull eye view of Montauk Beach

Sea gull eye view of Montauk Beach

Enjoying Montauk Beach enables us to take an afternoon break for heros from the local grocery store followed by a yarn break at Purl By The Sea.  While I get to fondle the various yarns and indulge in stash enhancement, the hubster can settle into the spouse rocker and read.

Purl By The Sea - Montauk Yarn Haven

Purl By The Sea - Montauk Yarn Haven

To my surprise there was a Labor Day Sale in progress. Music to any knitter’s ears. Since my stash was overflowing, I bought Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns. It is a book that every knitter should have in their library. Although it would be improved if the stitches were charted.


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