Purple Chevron Ribbed Sweater Stitched Up

Since we don’t celebrate Christmas, December 25th is a great time for knitting projects. This year, I spent the day sewing together my purple chevron ribbed sweater. I finished knitting and blocking it in mid November. For some reason, I wasn’t inspired to finish putting it together which is unusual for me. 

The wonderful sunlight streaming into my mother’s sitting room was helpful in proding me to finish this project especially given the dark color of the yarn. It didn’t hurt that I wanted to wear it for our Annual Kwanzaa Kocktails.  

I am so happy to have finished this sweater! The pointed bottom was a challenge at times to estimate sizing and I had to sew the sleeves together to get the approximate length in the ball park. (Although as with other sleeves I have knit lately, they are a bit snug!)

For the neckline, I added a border of single crochet which was a lot less work than picking up stitches and knitting four rows of garter stitch.

Chevron Sweater in Purple Twinkle Toes from Tess Yarns

Chevron Sweater in Purple Twinkle Toes from Tess Yarns

For those who are interested, I used Ann Budd’s Chevron Rib Tank as the initial inspiration. (It’s a free download!) I knitted the front and back with a point and added sleeves using another pattern for guidelines. I used three skeins of Tess Yarns Twinkle Toes (440 yards each) and knitted using size 2 circular needles.


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