Come Together – Dad’s Classic Rib Sweater is 60% Done

To help me feel inspired about the slow but steady progress I am making on my Dad’s Classic Rib Sweater, I decided to start the putting together since I finished knitting the front. (Mind you this was a 2008 birthday present for my dad whose birthday is in Noember.)

Here’s what the front looked like before I joined the front and back.

Front of Dad's Classic Ribbed Pullover

Front of Dad's Classic Ribbed Pullover

Here’s what it looks like with the cross over collar added.


Dad's Classic Rib Pullover With Collar

Dad's Classic Rib Pullover With Collar

While this sweater doesn’t fit our dining room chair very well (at least it doesn’t complain about the fit!), this style is a great one for men. They seem to like it and it’s not something that you see very often in store bought sweaters (always a plus for a hand made garment.) In fact, I’ve made three other versions of this for my husband, brother and nephew. All of them have gotten a lot of use.

This sweater is part of my National Knit a Sweater a Month Dodecathon since I had only knitted the back (which I wrapped and gave my dad on his birthday!) Based on my reading about sweater construction (Knitting in the Old Way is a good source), I figure that the front and back of a sweater are each about one third of the knitting and both sleeves are about a third of the knitting. Since putting the sweater together and related knitting can be a hurdle for some, I round these pieces to 30% each of the work and add another 10% for putting together and related knitting such as collars and trim.


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