Proud to be a New Yorker-There’s a plane in the Hudson


US Airways Flight 1549

US Airways Flight 1549

While this blog is focused on yarn related activities, it’s worth taking a moment to give a special note of thanks to those involved in saving of the crew and passengers of US Airways Flight 1549 without serious injuries. From the emergency landing in the middle of the Hudson River to the ferries and others that helped transport those from the plane to the warmer shores of the Hudson River, you have our heartfelt gratitude. 

Many people who live outside of New York City, think of it as an impersonal place where no one knows your name or cares about you. What they miss is the fact that New Yorkers live in close proximity to each other and try not to infringe on each other’s space. Yet, when someone needs help, we’re there, ready to give 100%. I am proud to live in this great city and am grateful that everyone on US Airways Flight 1549 survived and caused no damage to any bystanders or structures.

Photo credit: J. Krum TwitPic


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