Wedding Sweater Inspired by Jean Moss Klimt Vest


Wedding Present Sweater-Inspired by Jean Moss Klimt Vest

Wedding Present Sweater-Inspired by Jean Moss Klimt Vest

For our wedding, I promised my husband a sweater. While many of my knitting friends would say that he’s gotten his share of knitted goods including a Honeymoon Vest in Noro Sakura, I am making him another sweater. As with any wedding present, I’ve allowed myself a year to complete it. This would be good if I hadn’t been knitting others sweaters and other knitted pieces.

Since I want this to be a very special sweater, I’ve spent lots of time looking through my knitting books in search of the perfect sweater. This is one of those times when I had to choose a pattern and stick with it. I’ve selected the Klimt Vest from Jean Moss’ Sculptured Knits. It’s a great book for knitting with textures. As usual, I’m adapting the pattern. This is to ensure a good fit and make a vest into a sweater 

To ensure that he gets maximum use out of the sweater, I’m using the navy blue wool and cotton blend that I bought at the Joan Vass sale last spring. The yarnis Austermann’s Korfu and I have 20 balls which should be sufficient. It’s wonderfully soft although it requires size 3 needles and I’m probably knitting it too loosely as it is.

Submitted by: Knitted Yarns Editor-in-Cheif

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