Mitered Top in Green Cotton with Slubs


Vogue Knitting Summer 2009

Vogue Knitting Summer 2009

At first glance, Norah Gaughan’s Mitered Top with its metallic edging in the Summer 2009 Vogue Knitting didn’t catch my attention. Yet once I looked through the magazine and realized that it was designed by Norah Gaughan and understood the shaping, I was hooked.

The top starts from a square and uses decreases as a design element to shape the bottom portion of the top. Other than the 4 centered double decreases, one at each corner, it’s relatively straight forward stocking knit and 1×1 rib. The shaping is enhanced with a wide band of ribbing at the waist. It’s a wonderful pattern that can work for a variety of body types.

At first I was surprised at how few people had queued and started the top relative to other items in the magazine. In part, this is attributable to the fact that Norah Gaughan  uses unusual and unique shapes to create pieces that look great. These shapes can be difficult for many knitters to envision. For example, this pattern didn’t tell knitters what the width at the bottom of the top was. I had to back into it using the number of stitches and stitch gauge.

Further, many knitters tend not to change fibers and for this type of top, it uses a lot of fiber.

It took using a variety of knitting handbooks to figure out how to do the double stitch decrease so that it created a raised stitch. Once I got past that, it’s been easy knitting.

Yarn Swap Swag-Green 100% Cotton with Slubs

Yarn Swap Swag-Green 100% Cotton with Slubs


Bottom of Green Mitered Tank Top

Bottom of Green Mitered Tank Top

I give a tip of my hat to my friend Georgia who brought this lush green cotton from her stash. Using my yard meter, which has never prevent to be error free, it has about 110 yards per ball or 990 yards in total. It’s got a slub which is helpful give that my stitches are uneven. 

My only concern is that the top will be a bit snug around the waist but I figure that I can increase the front slightly. 

Submitted by Knitted Yarns Editor-in-Chief


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