Creative Knitting Supplies-Stitch Marker Alternatives

Corliss on the Bay-Fair Harbor General Store

Corliss on the Bay-Fair Harbor General Store

In preparation for our vacation, I had stocked up on knitting supplies but I underestimated the number of stitch markers that I would need. With 4 lace projects going at the same time, additional stitch markers are a necessity! Unfortunately, I underestimated how many I would need.

When you’re away from your LYS, knitting supplies can be difficult to come by. This is particularly true when you’re on a beach vacation in an island town that only has a food store and a general store which focuses on household supplies and beach goods. 

We went to Corliss on the Bay, Fair Harbor’s lone general store. A couple of years ago, I had bought some attractive paper clips that I thought might do the trick. But alas, they were out of stock. The helpful clerk brought me over to a sewing section (which contained about 7 items) where they had a massive box of safety pins. Since I’m working with fine lace weight yarn, I didn’t want it to get ripped on the safety pin coils which has happened to me in the past. I examined the children’s beading section in hopes of some alternative without luck.

My husband went to the owner and asked about washers and other plumbing related supplies. The owner showed him a plastic box filled with various sections filled with different sized black rubber o-rings. When I saw them, my eyes lit up. They were perfect! I hope that no one in town needs any in the near future since I cornered the supply of small sizes. 


o-Rings as Stitch Holders

o-Rings as Stitch Holders


O-Rings as Stitch Markers on Nightsong Shawl in Pink Cashmere

O-Rings as Stitch Markers on Nightsong Shawl in Pink Cashmere

It’s funny since one of my knitting buddies bought up the supply of black stitch markers from a merchant at MDSW. These black rubber beauties were equally good!

When I got back to my knitting, I found that these rubber o-rings were better than the hard plastic stitch markers since they gripped the metal circular needles and helped keep my stitches in place. I am so happy. I’m planning a trip to Home Depot when I get back to NYC! 

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One response to “Creative Knitting Supplies-Stitch Marker Alternatives

  1. Rubber O rings are a good idea. I knew there had to be something in hardware that would work better than some of the awful markers I’ve had the displeasure of using. Clover makes some rubber markers that are a little skinnier but work pretty much the same way. The only real advantage to the Clover that I could see would be the bright colors are easier to find if one escapes. Good find!

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