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2007 – The Year in Yarn

Looking back, 2007 was a year where my knitting made significant progress. When I consider the projects that I completed this year, I wonder where I found the time to make them all! By category, here are my 2007 finished objects:


  • Black and Red with Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater – Made from Karabella cashmere and silk blend. I created the pattern myself to use the leftover 4 1/2 balls of black that I had from another sweater. Since the yarn was purchased at the Lion and Lamb’s going out of business sale, I couldn’t return them!
  • Hairy White Sweater – Made  in an acryllic blend from Anny Blatt. I discovered that once knitted up my skin didn’t react well well to the material, so I gave it to my sister who is more resilent to fiber content.
  • Red Debbie Bliss Alpaca and Silk Sweater – Made in Debbie Bliss Alpaca and Silk  purchased at The Point. This cherry colored sweater is soft and warm.  I gave it to my mother for her birthday.
  • Rust Silk Sweater – Made in 100% silk purchased at Silk City Fibers. It was a birthday present for my boyfriend.
  • Yellow Silk and Grey Rayon Sweater in Wide Bamboo Stitch. Made in silk blend purchased at Silk City Fibers. I adapted a Sally Melville pattern from The Purl Stitch.
  • Pink and Lavendar Summer Sweater. Made from Misti Alpaca pima cotton and silk purhcased at the Knit Cafe in Los Angeles. I started out to make a sleeveless top and decided that the swatch was warm and soft. When I called to order additional pink yarn, there was no more. As a result, the sweater combines the two colors.
  • Laced-Front Sweater. Made from Brooks Farm Harmony purchased at Rhinebeck in 2006. This was a pattern from Knitted Lingerie.
  • Cross Your Heart Sweater. Made from 100% fingering weight alpaca purchased at Rhinebeck in 2006. This sweater was adapted from a Rowan pattern.
  • Origami Cardi. Made from 1oo% wool purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2007. This pattern appeared in Interweave Magazine in Summer 2007. It is probably my favorite project this year!
  • Fishtail Lace Sweater. Made from 80% merino/20% cashmere blend purchased at The Point. This was a store pattern that I adapted and added long sleeves.


  • After Dark Nightie. Made from Lang’s 100% Egyptian cotton in periwinkle blue purchased at the Joan Vass Sample Sale in 2006. I used the Mason Dixon Knitting book which inspired me to knit more lingerie. I have worn this nightie as a dress!
  • Dad’s Vest. Made from Noro blend bought at Webs. Since my dad claims that he has too many sweaters, I made him a vest based on his measurements without a pattern.
  • Red and Orange Ribbon Tank. Made from Seville ribbon purchased on sale at The Point. This project was a pain since the ribbon was so shiny that it kept twisting (required a rubber band on the ball to keep it in place!). Due to the lack of red, I added orange stripes.
  • Yellow  Cotton Tank. Made from 100% cotton purchased at Silk City Fibers. I used a reverse wide rib based on the threaded twist to the cotton. I was proud of the lines of the top despite the relatively simple item.
  • Shaped Lace Tee Shirt. Made from Lamb’s Pride Cotton Fleece purchased at Purl By the Sea. I used Knitted Lingerie’s pattern. It is a dusty rose.
  • Verona Socks. Made from Lion’s Brand (don’t cringe!) sock yarn.  These socks were started en route from Venice to Verona. I even knitted them waiting for the opera to start in Verona! Of course, they took me a year to finish!

Additionally, I made several scarves and triangular wraps for friends and family.

Further I extended my acquaintance with several yarn selling establishments. Among them were:

  • Yarn Seller – Good resource with near/in York, ME.
  • Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival – Always an incredible yarn experience. While trying on the pocketbook, it’s great for your stash especially given the smaller local farms.
  • Knit Cafe – A mecca on Melrose in West Hollywood, CA.
  • Colorful Stitch – A two story yarn emporium in Lennox, MA which has swatches of the various yarns and unusual samples.
  • Webs – Well worth the trip! The back room/warehouse is a treasure trove of yarns at great prices.
  • Purl By the Sea – At the end of the world, at least from a NYer’s perspective. A wonderful assortment of brands, colors, price points as well as tools.
  • ArtFibers – A pink second floor enclave in San Francisco’s financial district. It allows you to test their various materials. It only sells their brands in colors to make your mouth water.
  • Chix With Stix – A large airy store in Forest Park, IL. It has two knitting tables and a wonderful sofa for significant others.
  • Loopy – Nestled in Chicago’s Loop this knitting treasure has a wonderful, helpful staff who don’t believe that you have to follow patterns religously! It carries a lot of small producers and a wide range of fibers.

Noteably, I wasn’t able to attend Rhinebeck this year. That said, my stash has grown very nicely.

P.S. Pictures of recent accomplishments will appear later.


Knitted Lingerie Style Laced-Front Sweater-Finished!

The Laced-Front Sweater from Knitted Lingerie Style is finally a sweater!

I really enjoyed knitting the Brooks Farm Harmony and love the way that the rose and brown colorway worked for this pattern. I was surprised at how long it took me to sew together the sweater and knit the i-cord. 

At first, I was disappointed that, despite my extending the front panels, there was still a large gap at the bottom. It has taken me a while to get used to the style.

Laced-Front Sweater - Another View


Laced-Front Sweater Comes Together

One of the benefits of knitting the Laced-Front Sweater is learning how to do an i-cord, which, after the initial thrill of creating a cord, is rather boring and best accomplished on subways and other means of transportation.

i-cord for Laced-Front Sweater

I-cord in process

At Jennifer’s recommendation, I measured the placement of the loops for the laced-front at home where I could determine the best placement and check how they looked in a mirror. My finance thought that the orange and green stitch markers I used to hold the sweater together added to the look!

In terms of sweater’s finishing, my gripe with the Knitted Lingerie Style pattern is that the directions stated to make five loops while the photo showed 6. After completing my sweater, I regretted not having another set of loops to extend the lacing.

Despite my issues and pattern modifications, I’m happy with how my Laced-Front Sweater turned out! The Brook Farms Harmony was a great substitute yarn for this pattern. The ribbing created a wonderful design although the broken rib stitches don’t really show through the colors.

All Sewn Up – WIP Transformed into Sweaters

Saturday, I gave myself permission to spend a full Saturday afternoon at The Point knitting without feeling guilty.

Unfortunately, Knitting Daily’s recent posts regarding UFOs (or more affectionately known as Unfinished Objects for the uninitiated) caused me to reconsider my “completed” Cross Your Heart sweater and Lace-Front sweater as UFOs.

BTW, as a marketer, I found the fact that the survey (which wasn’t statistically valid) revealed that there was no average number of UFOs interesting. In fact, the percentage of UFOs by number was relatively similar, regardless of the number. It wasn’t as if most of the knitters surveyed responded that they had 5 UFOs for example.

Personally, I tend to have one or two major projects in progress in case I get to a part that confounds me or requires significant frogging or other type of disheartening work. In addition, I’ll have a scarf or shawl and possibly a pair of socks in progress as what I refer to as “walking around projects” which translates to projects that I can carry in my pocketbook or backpack in case I have a couple of spare minutes.

As a result, what should have been blissful knitting time was transformed into blocking and sewing time. While many of my sisters in yarn might prefer quiet to concentrate on putting their works together, I prefer having company since I find the process tedious and like being able to show off my work when I’m done. The good news was that I finished my “Cross Your Heart” sweater and sewed the Lace-Front sweater together.

With regard to the Laced-Front sweater, I was concerned with the gap between the two fronts. After consulting Knitted Lingerie Style and my fellow knitters, I decided that it would look fine once I finished the i-cord and crocheted edging.

Columbus Day Weekend on Fire Island- Knitting at the Water’s Edge

With the warm fall weather, bordering on summery, we decided to sneak in a couple of last days of sun on the beach in Fire Island. Despite the warm weather, the town was closed tight except for the restaurant when we arrived in the late afternoon.

Here’s the beach house awaiting our arrival:

Fire Island Beach House on a Fall Day


Walk on Fire Island in October

Fortunately, the weather was warm so that we could sit by the deserted ocean’s edge and take in nature. Of course, I brought my knitting along. The beach was peaceful and deserted until mid-afternoon when the fog burned off so I  continued to make progress on my Lace-Front Sweater and Souvenir Socks.

Unlike in peak season, the town was quiet except for a few others who like us wanted another view of the ocean before its winter cold. It was good to be able to quietly knit and sit while the rhythmically water lapped the shore.

Fire Island Dunes in October 2007


Fire Island - Ocean Shore in October 2007

Laced-Front Sweater Knitted Up

Back from my two day San Francisco trek, I indulged in an afternoon at The Point with my knitting friends. It seemed like I hadn’t been around for ages!

I took the day off from working (which is easy to do when you take a red eye from the west coast) and need to get a few extra hours of sleep that you’ve missed. Waiting in the San Francisco Airport for my New York bound flight, I used my time productively to knit the Dad Vest and talk to my sister in Los Angeles.

With my “free” time, I finished knitting the sleeves of the Lace-Front Sweater. Here’s a photo of the sweater with the fronts and back attached. Of course, I still have to knit the i-cord, sew the pieces and crochet around the edge to allow for the closure.

Lace-Front Sweater Body and Sleeves Knitted

Beach Knitting Again…Back to Fire Island

We’ve been able to squeeze in another couple of days on Fire Island  as the summer flickers away. While my boyfriend was windsurfing on the bay experiencing some of the best wind he’s had all summer, I’ve been seated by the ocean’s edge knitting in summer’s fleeting warmth.

Angry Ocean at Fire Island

The ocean on Fire Island reflects the winds that my boyfriend is experiencing on the bay. It’s no more Mr. Nice Guy of Summer. Lucky for me, I only want to knit in peace (i.e.-without many others around!)

Fire Island Beach Warning

No lifeguards translates to warning signs-It’s a good thing I only want to knit!

 Back to School on Fire Island Beach

Even on the Fair Harbor beach on Fire Island, you know that it’s back to school. My knitting was interrupted by the local school bus on its return journey. The upside of this bus ride is that one can get a lot of knitting accomplished on the way to school!

 Wind Blown Socks on Fire Island

Here’s a picture of my bamboo Souvenir Socks. This photo design is dedicated to the Yarn Harlot who frames her photos with her knitting. I’m making progress on these suckers. Thanks to the suggestion from a fellow knitter at my favorite knitting locale, The Point, I’m knitting the two socks at the same time. I was able to finish the heel on the ferry out to Fire Island.

Laced-Front Sweater on Fire Island Beach

In addition to my Souvenir Socks, I’m making progress on the first sleeve of my Laced-Front Sweater in Brooks Farm Harmony. I really enjoy how the sunlight plays on the hand dyed fall colors. I can’t wait until it’s finished so I can wear it in the fall sunlight!

 Setting sun over Fire Island

Getting the last rays of sun over the Fair Harbor Beach in Fire Island. It’s peaceful though the dim light and air heavy with moisture makes knitting challenging! 

Fire Island Sunset -Boat Scene

Sunset at Fair Harbor, Fire Island with sailboats in the foreground colored with reds and purples.