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Polly’s Pink Recycled Cotton Sweater Finished!


Eloise Sweater in Lion Brand Pink Recycled Cotton

Polly's Pink Sweater

Despite being a small child’s sweater, the Eloise Sweater took longer than anticipated to knit. Perhaps it was the fact that I tend to knit cotton on smaller needles since cotton has a tendency to stretch. For a child, this may not be a bad thing since the sweater could grow with the child. For Polly, I made the 2 year old size in hopes that she would grow into it. I think that my tight knitting made it more of a 1 year old size.


The Eloise Sweater pattern from Lion’s Brand is a bottom up pattern where you knit the back and two front panels and sleeves. Once you get to the yoke, you put all five pieces on a circular needle and knit a seamless yoke. Unlike a top down raglan sweater, there are seams to be sewn which can be a drawback for some knitters.

I  recommend this pattern for those of you in search of an easy child’s sweater. As a child’s garment, it  can be worn all year round. It’s a good carry around project since it’s small.

As for the Lion Brand recycled cotton, I thought the fact that it’s made from t-shirts cool. Also, it contains about one quarter polyester so that it can go through the washing machine which is a must for any child’s garment. I didn’t like the fact that the threads can come apart so that it occasionally results in pulled threads.

Submitted by Knitted Yarns Editor-in-Chief



Swatching – A Necessary Evil

Blocked Cotton Swatches

Blocked Cotton Swatches

I always swatch before starting projects which need to fit (clothes versus warshrags and shawls). As recommended, I then wash and block my swatches. While I don’t always make my swatches to a minimum of 4 inches by 4 inches, I do test the various repeats.

For the next attempt of the Botanica Medallion Sweater, I need to re-swatch since I am using three different colors of Tahki Cotton Classic in white (from a yarn swap), aqua (from Purl by the Sea in Montauk) and forest green (from Purl by the Sea in Montauk). As a result, I want to ensure that the colors don’t bleed which would ruin the top. In addition, I am going to increase the size of my needles to make the top more lacy. Hence, more swatching.

While I’m swatching, I am also preparing for another project, the Eloise Sweater which is a free pattern from Lion’s Brand. This sweater was on show in the Lion’s Brand Studio and looked multi-purpose. Further, the pink Lion’s Brand Recycled Cotton has a candy cane impression (from the Lion Brand Studio) so I am hoping that this will be fun to knit and a great gift for a little girl.

I strongly recommend swatching and getting projects ready in advance while you’re working on or finishing another project so that you’re ready to just start when the spirit moves you. This prevents lustfully starting to knit only to find that you’re way off in your gauge on the real thing!

Submitted by Knitted Yarns Editor-in-Chief

Montauk-Knitting at the End of New York

To get in some more beach time, my boyfriend and I decided to make a one day trip to Montauk this Labor Day weekend. Despite the fact that there are beaches at the end of several subway lines that are a mere $2.00 subway ride away (although from Manhattan, they can be over an hour ride), we have this very un-New Yorker perspective that we prefer to escape the masses. Being at the end of the Long Island Railroad train line like a finger pointing into the Atlantic, our logic was that Montauk’s beaches would be relatively uncrowded.

Mind you the price for this relative solitude was a 3-plus hour train ride each way! As a seasoned train knitter, I just viewed this as bonus knitting time.

Montauk Train Station

The weather was perfect, especially compared to our recent experience on the beaches of Fire Island. It was warm with a mild breeze that allowed our beach umbrella to maintain its position all day.

Between my train and beach knitting, I finished knitting the second arm of my Cross Your Heart sweater. In addition, I picked up my Souvenir Socks which have been languishing in my knitting bag untouched. I managed to get both socks through the heels.

Fortunately, I had consulted some websites containing information on Montauk before we left where, to my delight, I found there was a new addition to the local merchants. Yes you guessed it–a yarn store! It was luckythat we knew that it existed or we would never have found it nestled in its peaceful downstairs corner out of public view. My boyfriend had to inquire at the local police station to get instructions (Mind you, this was a very pleasant surprise since we’ve been in other locations where he’s had a more I-Can-Find-Where-We’re-Going approach.) At the police station, a friendly woman got up and walked outside to point out where the yarn store was since it was hidden behind a real estate office.

Purl by the Sea Yarn Store, Montauk, NY, 11954

Labor Day Sale!

Purl by the Sea Yarn Store, Entrance

Purl by the Sea entrance is below street level

Called Purl by the Sea, the store’s well worth the visit. Since they were having their Labor Day Sale where all of their yarn was 20% off, the trip was even better! The place has a friendly vibe that you feel when you walk in. While it’s best described as cozy (read small even for a Manhattanite), there’s a kntters’ table in the center of the store where a chatty group of women were working on a variety of projects. I was struck by the diversity in types of yarns in terms of fiber content and price. In addition to major brands, they carry some unusual small producer yarns as well (which I would have tried had my stash been slimmer!) There’s something for everyone’s pocketbook from inexpensive Lions Brand to luxury Artyarns. Additionally, there’s a wide range of supplies such as needles and books.

Purl by the Sea Yarn Store - inside, Montauk, NY, 11954

View from inside of Purl by the Sea – Colors Galore!

Purl by the Sea Yarn Store, Nora Franzetti, owner - Montauk, NY, 11954

Owner Nora Franzetti winding yarn for a customer 

For the non-knitting-engaged-companion, they have a comfy husband’s rocker where my boyfriend made himself at home reading his sci-fi novel out of the sun while I scoped out the store and debated what to buy.

Purl by the Sea Yarn Store, Companion in Rocker - Montauk, NY, 11954

Non-knitter’s delight

Wonderful man that he is, my boyfriend treated me to some Brown Sheep cotton and merino for a Knitted Lingerie project. The hardest part was deciding what color to buy because the store must have stocked every shade! My boyfriend who like most men only understands 16 colors wasn’t much help in terms of input. After much debate and some help from the saleswoman, I selected a dusty rose pink.