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Valentine’s Day Stash Enhancement-Ella Rae Lace Merino

Ella Rae Lace Merino in Teal from The Point

Ella Rae Lace Merino in Teal from The Point

For Valentine’s Day, I took advantage of The Point’s President’s Day Sale and treated myself to a hank of Ella Rae Lace Merino in their teal color way. I had been eying the yarn which is 100% Italian merino and dyed wonderful shades of blues and greens which seem to be popping up in the stores along Fifth Avenue as they migrate towards spring. 

Maybe it’s the desire for something new as spring peaks through the dull winter weather that’s attracting me to these colors that I don’t often wear.

Or maybe it’s dreams of the Carribean waters that we haven’t visited this winter…

Island dreaming - Nevis in Winter

Island dreaming - Nevis in Winter

Whatever the impulse, I bought the last teal hank. I hoped that it would be enough for a tank top but alas the hank has 460 yards which is fine for a smaller project, it’s not enough to try a cami given the fine weight of the yarn. 

Therefore, I decided to make a small shawl that I can wear through the changing seasons that can give my wardrobe a boost. I am using the Swallowtail Lace Shawl which I have been thinking about making for a while. Evelyn Clark designed the pattern and having made her Shetland Triangle, I know that she’s a great lace designer!

Evelyn Clark's Swallowtail Lace Shawl Using Ella Rae Lace Merino in Teal

Evelyn Clark's Swallowtail Lace Shawl Using Ella Rae Lace Merino in Teal

This pattern incorporates the Lily of the Valley pattern at the border so that it involves nupps but at this point, I’m experienced so that doesn’t seem like it will be a challenge.

Submitted by Knitted Yarns Editor-in-Chief


Knit1 Magazine Party at The Point

To celebrate Knit1 magazine’s fall/winter 2008 issue, Editors Faith and Tanis hosted had a party at The Point. They enthusiastically gave their behind the pages peak into how they developed the magazine.


Along with their trunk show of finished items, they were joined by three of their designers, Jenn Jarvis who created the “Hooded Cardi”, Cathy Carron who developed two of the top down tops, “Embroidered Yoke Pullover” and Duotone Cardigan”, and Kathy Merrick’s color inspired “Multi Motif Afghan” (which despite Knit1’s title is crocheted!). Since I’ve been bitten by the lace bug, I was hoping to see the “live” version of the Hooded Cardi but alas it was MIA!


By far and away, the highlight of the evening was the goodie bags filled to the brim with things to warm any knitter’s heart including Knit1 magazine, Knit 101 book, Crystal Palace knitting needles, 2 balls of yarn including Manos silk and other samples!

Thanksgiving Includes Knitting

The Thanksgiving holiday is a good time to take a few days and turn inwards. For me, this means time with family and knitting. I planned to finish knitting my purple Chevron sweater, attend The Point’s Post-Thanksgiving Sale, and have a few friends over to knit and enjoy some holiday baking while we appreciated having Friday off.


This year, we made our first thanksgiving dinner. Since I haven’t ever made a thanksgiving dinner, I used the holiday as an excuse to bake. I made two apple breads, two ginger pumpkin pies (starting with two sugar pumpkins), apple crisp (since I don’t like apple pie) and a fruit compote. I left the turkey and vegetables to my husband. My mother brought her cornbread pudding which substituted for stuffing.


I got to The Point’s Post Thanksgiving Sale in time to take advantage of their 30% off discount. I was surprised to find that the store was relatively quiet when I arrived. It gave me time to think about my purchase. Despite my desire for some gold colored Brooklyn Handspun, I was persuaded that it was a poor color choice for my skin tone. I could hear my mother’s famous code words “I’ve seen you look better in clothes” in my head. As a result, I bought two skeins of reddish Brooklyn Handspun to make a shawl for me.


Later Friday afternoon, several of my knitting buddies stopped by to knit, drink and enjoyed apple bread and pumpkin pie. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon away from the Black Friday rush.

Honeymoon Knitting Planned

While many of my knitting friends think that I’m off my rocker to think about knitting on my honeymoon, they overlook the fact that our honeymoon to the Cook Islands involves a lot of flying and airport time. Our flight to Rarotonga leaves from Los Angeles where we’re visiting family and friends and we’re coming home by way of Chicago where we’re visiting more family and friends.

I like having a variety of projects in case one of them hits a snag or gets frustrating. Here’s what I’m planning to do:

Honeymoon Vest – It’s a gift for my newly minted husband. This is a basic v-neck man’s vest. I’m not using a pattern. I’m using my gauge and his measurements to ensure that it fits. I’m using Noro Sakura which I bought at The Point on sale. It’s my third garment in this yarn. It has pieces which are wrapped in silk thread where I reverse my stitch (use purl instead of knit) so that it pops. This would not be every man’s dream since it has pink (oh my!) but my soon-to-be husband is color-friendly.

Leaf Lace Kimono – This is a pattern in Summer 2008 Interweave. I must admit that I was influenced by the queue on Ravelry. I am using 6 skiens of Noro Lily in fushia, turquoise and orange which I bought on sale at The Point. (Sorry but $11.50 per skien is a bit pricey for cotton/silk blend, even if it is Noro!)

Apres Surf Hoodie – This is another pattern that I was influenced by Ravelry.  My soon-to-be husband commented recently that I liked hoodies around the time I was fishing for a project. I am using some wonderful merino/acryllic in magenta, olive green and cobalt blue that I bought at the Joan Vass Sample Sale.

Wish me good luck!

Jean Moss’ Sculptured Knits Discovered

Rains have swept through New York City and between the rain drops the sky is gray as it was blotted with grey cotton. I had harbored hopes of heading out to Paterson, NJ where Silk City Fibers is having their monthly sale but the weather is a deterent (as is the pile of midterms that need to be graded by Tuesday!)

After several hours of being bound to my desk wading through exams, I trekked down to The Point to meet my Saturday afternoon knitters. The store  was relatively empty due to the weather.

Synchroncity hits. I have some of my Noro Lilly in orange and varigated orange/red/blue in my bag to wind. I figure that I’ll make something for my honeymoon. As I’m about to settle in, my friend Enid steers me to the sale bin where the remains of the orange Lilly are piled. I’m enticed and buy 2 more skiens so that I have some extra to play with.

Having spent the  afternoon trying to find the right pattern, none called to me. So, on my way home, I stopped at B&N on Fifth Avenue, the one that specializes in college textbooks. I discovered that they had a great selection of knitting books and the woman working in the department was knitter to boot!

I happened upon Jean Moss’ Sculptured Knits which is a treasure of a book. It is packed with great patterns and there are stories that associate each with art and related trends.

Stash Enhancement-President’s Weekend Sale at The Point

The Point used President’s Day to clean out its winter inventory. According to Manager Patty Lyons, there was a line of knitters waiting for her when she arrived to open up. Most of the time that I was there, there was a line to check out.  One woman happened to come in to purchase some needles to sew a piece together and abandoned her purchase due to the wait!

By the time I arrive, some of my favorite fibers had been picked over due to the major discounts. In particular, I had planned to purchase Noro’s Sakura, a varigated fiber which has silk wrapped portions. I’ve made a tank top/vest and a sweater from it and love the ability to make the stitches pop out by reversing the stitches (i.e. purl instead of knit). I did manage to get 5 skiens in a black and grey color way which is enough for a woman’s tank top that will look great under my grey and black suits!

I expanded my purchases to include Noro Daria, a cord like fiber, which was discounted 75%! I bought 3 skeins of a blue/purple colorway for my friend Amanda who has been making handbags. I found 8 skiens another two jewel colorways in greens and magenta which I purchased to make a top. I figure if I use the colors creatively the difference will look intentional! Although since my purchase, I am considering using the fiber for yippot for my wedding. I will combine it with some gold fiber from Silk City Fibers to make truly memorable keepsakes!

Lastly I bought a cotton/silk Noro called Lilly. Since I prefer to buy sufficient yarn for a project, generally a sweater, I purchased 6 skiens of a fushia, blue, orange colorway and 4 skiens of orange. This way I will have enough to make a long sleeve sweater. I will integrate the two colors. In the sunlight, the orange is very bright but the two colors work together.

All in all, it was a fun shopping experience!

Note to self: Arrive early for next sale at The Point to get prime choices!

2007 – The Year in Yarn

Looking back, 2007 was a year where my knitting made significant progress. When I consider the projects that I completed this year, I wonder where I found the time to make them all! By category, here are my 2007 finished objects:


  • Black and Red with Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater – Made from Karabella cashmere and silk blend. I created the pattern myself to use the leftover 4 1/2 balls of black that I had from another sweater. Since the yarn was purchased at the Lion and Lamb’s going out of business sale, I couldn’t return them!
  • Hairy White Sweater – Made  in an acryllic blend from Anny Blatt. I discovered that once knitted up my skin didn’t react well well to the material, so I gave it to my sister who is more resilent to fiber content.
  • Red Debbie Bliss Alpaca and Silk Sweater – Made in Debbie Bliss Alpaca and Silk  purchased at The Point. This cherry colored sweater is soft and warm.  I gave it to my mother for her birthday.
  • Rust Silk Sweater – Made in 100% silk purchased at Silk City Fibers. It was a birthday present for my boyfriend.
  • Yellow Silk and Grey Rayon Sweater in Wide Bamboo Stitch. Made in silk blend purchased at Silk City Fibers. I adapted a Sally Melville pattern from The Purl Stitch.
  • Pink and Lavendar Summer Sweater. Made from Misti Alpaca pima cotton and silk purhcased at the Knit Cafe in Los Angeles. I started out to make a sleeveless top and decided that the swatch was warm and soft. When I called to order additional pink yarn, there was no more. As a result, the sweater combines the two colors.
  • Laced-Front Sweater. Made from Brooks Farm Harmony purchased at Rhinebeck in 2006. This was a pattern from Knitted Lingerie.
  • Cross Your Heart Sweater. Made from 100% fingering weight alpaca purchased at Rhinebeck in 2006. This sweater was adapted from a Rowan pattern.
  • Origami Cardi. Made from 1oo% wool purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2007. This pattern appeared in Interweave Magazine in Summer 2007. It is probably my favorite project this year!
  • Fishtail Lace Sweater. Made from 80% merino/20% cashmere blend purchased at The Point. This was a store pattern that I adapted and added long sleeves.


  • After Dark Nightie. Made from Lang’s 100% Egyptian cotton in periwinkle blue purchased at the Joan Vass Sample Sale in 2006. I used the Mason Dixon Knitting book which inspired me to knit more lingerie. I have worn this nightie as a dress!
  • Dad’s Vest. Made from Noro blend bought at Webs. Since my dad claims that he has too many sweaters, I made him a vest based on his measurements without a pattern.
  • Red and Orange Ribbon Tank. Made from Seville ribbon purchased on sale at The Point. This project was a pain since the ribbon was so shiny that it kept twisting (required a rubber band on the ball to keep it in place!). Due to the lack of red, I added orange stripes.
  • Yellow  Cotton Tank. Made from 100% cotton purchased at Silk City Fibers. I used a reverse wide rib based on the threaded twist to the cotton. I was proud of the lines of the top despite the relatively simple item.
  • Shaped Lace Tee Shirt. Made from Lamb’s Pride Cotton Fleece purchased at Purl By the Sea. I used Knitted Lingerie’s pattern. It is a dusty rose.
  • Verona Socks. Made from Lion’s Brand (don’t cringe!) sock yarn.  These socks were started en route from Venice to Verona. I even knitted them waiting for the opera to start in Verona! Of course, they took me a year to finish!

Additionally, I made several scarves and triangular wraps for friends and family.

Further I extended my acquaintance with several yarn selling establishments. Among them were:

  • Yarn Seller – Good resource with near/in York, ME.
  • Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival – Always an incredible yarn experience. While trying on the pocketbook, it’s great for your stash especially given the smaller local farms.
  • Knit Cafe – A mecca on Melrose in West Hollywood, CA.
  • Colorful Stitch – A two story yarn emporium in Lennox, MA which has swatches of the various yarns and unusual samples.
  • Webs – Well worth the trip! The back room/warehouse is a treasure trove of yarns at great prices.
  • Purl By the Sea – At the end of the world, at least from a NYer’s perspective. A wonderful assortment of brands, colors, price points as well as tools.
  • ArtFibers – A pink second floor enclave in San Francisco’s financial district. It allows you to test their various materials. It only sells their brands in colors to make your mouth water.
  • Chix With Stix – A large airy store in Forest Park, IL. It has two knitting tables and a wonderful sofa for significant others.
  • Loopy – Nestled in Chicago’s Loop this knitting treasure has a wonderful, helpful staff who don’t believe that you have to follow patterns religously! It carries a lot of small producers and a wide range of fibers.

Noteably, I wasn’t able to attend Rhinebeck this year. That said, my stash has grown very nicely.

P.S. Pictures of recent accomplishments will appear later.